Maia (dokssuri) wrote,

Coffee and Showers

Title: Coffee and Showers
Length: One-shot
Pairing: 2U
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This a birthday smut fic for me, because I can xD

Disclaimer: If they were mine... do you really think I would have settled for a fic on my birthday??

A/N:I know it’s short, but my family can be here anytime now. And I have a feeling I’ll be writing more 2U in the future, I like it ;D
19, okay, I feel old enough. Changmin, you can propose now.

Coffee and Showers

Yoochun groaned as an uncomfortably bright light pierced his eyelids. He didn’t want to wake up yet.

To escape it he rolled over, and into a warm body. He snuggled up to it and buried his face in the other’s broad chest, drifting off again.

Yunho woke up when something hit his body and then pressed closer against it. When he realised it was Yoochun he smiled down at him, shifting a bit to make their position more comfortable, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

He saw the broad stripe of sunlight crossing Yoochun’s original pillow, one of them hadn’t closed the curtains properly.

The next thing that tried to wake Yoochun were Yunho’s lips brushing over his forehead and Yunho’s fingers combing through his hair, much better.

Having to open his eyes still sucked though. Yunho chuckled.

“Morning. I have coffee.”

“I knew there was a reason I married you.”

Yunho took a sip of his own coffee. “Mmm, I’m glad it wasn’t just for my money.’

Yoochun laughed and leaned in for a coffee flavoured kiss.

I didn’t matter that Yunho never had enough money - and spent it on presents for him when he did -, Yoochun could easily pay their bills.

Being an elementary school teacher Yunho didn’t earn much, but watching him get along with little children was so incredibly cute that it could make Yoochun melt every time.

Underneath the cuteness Yunho was a real man though, something he liked to prove in their bedroom. Yoochun smiled as he remembered the previous evening and after his coffee he walked to the shower to wash off the remains of it.

Yoochun was a teacher too, but he offered an English course to rich businessmen who wanted to expand their companies overseas.

As Yunho worked during the day and Yoochun mostly evenings, weekends were the perfect time to catch up.

Yunho stepped in behind him even though he was wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants and had most likely showered already. He always let Yoochun sleep as long as possible because he knew how much he hated waking up.

Yoochun wouldn’t mind waking up so much if it was to shower together though.

“What are you doing? Your clothes are getting wet.”

Yunho’s arms slid around his waist and he pressed his body against Yoochun’s back.

“Then take them off me.”

Yoochun wanted to say something but Yunho’s fingers found his slightly sore and still slick hole and pushed in. Yoochun hissed and then moaned.

The now heavy wet sweatpants hit the floor and Yoochun turned his head so Yunho could capture his lips after he'd pulled the shirt over his head.

Soon his chest was pressed against cold tiles while Yunho’s hard cock slid in and out of him.

Yunho held his hips but Yoochun had nothing to hold onto so he lifted his arms and grabbed Yunho’s hair, leaning his head back on his shoulder. Yunho’s pants sounding close to his ear.

After a while Yunho stopped moving and spun them around, the shower spray hit Yoochun’s erection and he shuddered, pulling the hair in his hands.

Yunho pulled out and Yoochun whimpered, reaching behind him to pull Yunho’s cock back. Yunho chuckled and stopped his hand.

He directed the shower lower and sat down on the floor, his shoulders against the wall and feet against the opposite, knees bent.

He didn’t have to say anything, Yoochun immediately moved one foot to the other side of Yunho’s body and lowered himself.

Yunho held his cock up, Yoochun sat on it, throwing his head back as it pushed a lot deeper than before.

Yunho lifted Yoochun up a bit and let him fall down as he bucked his hips up, Yoochun almost choked on the water that streamed through his hair and all around his head.

With shaking legs he managed to lift himself up and he started to move in synch with Yunho’s upwards thrusts, his nails clawing at Yunho’s chest.

Yunho stroked Yoochun’s hair out of his eyes and held his hand against his forehead to shield his eyes from the water and they could look at each other.

Their wide open mouths kept spilling moans as their eyes locked. Staring into lust and love filled eyes doubled the waves of pleasure that attacked their bodies.

Yoochun couldn’t keep himself up any longer and fell forward against Yunho’s chest, their cheeks pressed together.

They were both nearing their peek and Yunho sped up his movements, taking the lead as Yoochun was too far gone to follow, every thrust now rubbed his cock against their stomachs.

Yunho kissed the side of Yoochun’s head and said with a husky voice: “I love you.” Barely audible over the streaming water.

Yoochun’s moans got stuck in his throat and his mouth opened in a silent scream as he arched his back and added to the wetness on their bodies.

Yunho’s fingers dug into Yoochun’s hips and he slammed their bodies together one more time. Yoochun clenched around him and drew his orgasm out.

Yunho wrapped his arms around Yoochun’s now limp body and kissed him. Yoochun finally got his lips to move. “Love... you t-too.”

Yunho waited until his body felt steady enough to move, he lifted Yoochun off him and rinsed them off.

Yoochun let Yunho dry him off and carry him to their bed, he could probably do it himself, but why would he? Yunho caring for him made him feel all warm and mushy, it was a day for hot and hard and then warm and mushy.

Yunho lowered him to the soft blankets and kissed him gently. “You okay?”

Yoochun opened his eyes and saw the sexiest face on the planet so close to his that their noses almost touched.

He grabbed Yunho’s shoulders and rolled them over. “Depends, do you have another round in you? If not I might be disappointed.”

Yunho smirked.

When Yoochun collapsed on Yunho for the second time that day and his breathing finally slowed down again he said “I was supposed to get some work done today”, feigning annoyance, and then yawned.

Yunho chuckled. “More coffee?”

“Mmm, but we’re all sticky again too.”

“... more showers?”

Tags: length: one-shot, pairing: yunho/yoochun, smut
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